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Who are SA Fasteners?

SA Fasteners was established in 1988 as a specialised manufacturer of fasteners to the Australian market. Since that time we have supplied a wide range of fasteners to other manufacturers, distributors, government departments and many other types of businesses. We take pride in our reputation for only producing high quality parts.

At South Australian Fastener Engineers we aim to provide high quality fasteners at low cost to manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers worldwide. We provide efficient order processing and production, using up to date technology with a high level of customer care.

SA Fastener Engineers
SA Fastener Engineers
SA Fastener Engineers

Company Values

SA Fasteners has adopted a quality management system based on Australian/New Zealand standards that reflects the management’s attitude to quality and to satisfy all contractual obligations.

SA Fasteners management team is committed to providing solutions to our clients. Our service expands on technical advice and support to manufacture products complying with all relevant standards. The quality system established is based on principles which follow simple yet effective procedures developed for all companies.


SA Fastener Engineers

Listed below are a range of quality products that we manufacture and are available from our plant in South Australia.

Metal Threads Trilobular Screws for Metal Bolts
Self Tappers Trilobular Screws for Plastic J & U Bolts
Security Screws Special Cold Forged Products Nuts
HiLo Threaded Rod Rivets

We also offer a surplus stocklist for your perusal. Please contact us for more information about these products.


Mild Steel, High Tensile, Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminium, Copper


Trimming, Pointing, Drilling, Shank Slotting, Head Slotting.

Finishes + Coatings

Trivalent Zinc Clear, Trivalent Zinc Yellow, Trivalent Zinc Black, Nickel, Brass, Painted product, Mechanical Galv, Automotive coatings, Salt Spray Testing.

SA Fastener Engineers
SA Fastener Engineers


When it comes to the manufacturing of quality products, we have over 100 years of fastener engineering experience to call upon. If you are not entirely sure which fastener is for you, we can happily provide all the technical expertise and support to help you solve your fastening problems

Capacity and Distribution
Currently our factory has the capacity to produce 1 million manufactured fasteners per day. From our head office in South Australia we can distribute to all states and capitals within one to two days from dispatch.


We believe that our customers will only value our services if we exceed the capabilities of our competitors. Here at SA Fasteners we continually evaluate the needs of our customers and tailor our services to them.

We recognise that new technology is a driver for continuous improvement and as such is used in all areas of the company to bring new innovations to all of our products, procedures and customer services

Quality Control

We recognise the critical nature of quality and performance in our products and constantly strive to meet those needs. We have a quality system to ISO 9001 – 2015.

SA Fastener Engineers
SA Fastener Engineers
SA Fastener Engineers